Paleo #2 sage rubbed pork loin, chimichuri, broiled scallions, garlic kale, avocado, arugula salad

Paleo meal - sirloin, roasted pasilla, broiled asparagus, sauteed baby kale with garlic, arugula w/ meyer lemon vinaigrette & butter poached radishes

Roast Beast, smashed potatoes, machĂȘ with Chanterelles & bacon

Brioche - a holiday tradition

Potatoes Anna - another holiday tradition

Ramen - my way

Steak au poive, collard greens, butter poached baby potatoes

Lamb Chops, smashed potatoes, broccoli

Cucumber saison - cigar city brewing

Flanken short ribs w/ red miso, hatch chiles, scallions … Arugula pesto w/ pistachios & capers … Kale chips